Duration: 5:43

Sisypha by Yoram Karmi

Music: Gal Hochberg, Max Richter

Rehearsal management: Inbar Nemirovsky, Noa Sarig

Performance by Fresco Dance Company

Inspired by MORJAN ABU DEBA’s work, choreographer Yoram Karmi wishes to explore the temporal dimension, the power of nature and the endless cycle that can be seen as Sisyphean and reparative but also as optimistic and meditative. 

Photo by Efrat Mazor


Yoram Karmi’s biography:

Yoram Karmi Was born and raised in Tel Aviv. He is the founder, choreographer and artistic director of Fresco Dance Company.

He is the winner of the Rozenblum Prize for outstanding artist in the dance field (2012) and the second prize winner of the Shades of Dance Choreography Competition for young choreographers 1997

Karmi was the acting artistic director of the Curtain Up Festival in 2012 and 2013.

He is a guest teacher in masterclasses around the world and a judge in various professional dance competitions.

Creations For Companies in Israel and Abroad:

Ballet Chongqing – China

Modern Dance troupe – Chengdu, China

KSU Company Atlanta – USA

The Project – Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Ballet – Israel

Macau International Dance Festival

Israeli Opera