Circe – Experimental platform for Dance and Theatre and Goethe-Institut Georgien present:

Red Sun | experimental dance film 

“A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality” says John Lennon in Yoko Ono’s book “Grapefruit”, and if the name grapefruit tells us nothing, then we can never guess what benefits or harm this plant can bring. If we get to know the plant by class, family, genus and species, recognize by color and discover the abundance of vitamins in its juice, we will easily understand how useful this or that plant is for our body.

We think that firstly we need to get acquainted with the green cover that exists on our planet and then maybe we will dream together to save it. The topic of our narrative and interest are the women who discovered the forces of their knowledge, the essence of life in these very green creatures. Their greatest fortune, willingly or unwillingly, became the forefront of medicine or magic, and numerous paintings, legends or myths have been created about them, and perhaps most of the legends about such women are about the children and grandchildren of Helios.

According to the same legends, at the place of Helios sunrise – in Colchis, in the field of Mars, the skin of an Aries was kept, which expressed the Aries zodiac and spring equinox, the time when nature is renewed, the flower begins to bloom. There was Medea’s, Circe’s garden full of magical plants, and a place where Aeetes sowed the teeth of Dragon. And if we chase Mars, the sun, the stars again and look at the sky, the same reflection emerges there, and this geometrical symmetry of mathematical accuracy shows that the planet’s dance scheme is a flower again and all these dances are different and unique.


Creative group:


Author of the concept and Director: Maka Kiladze
Choreographer: Yuko Kaseki
Circe – Natia Chikvaidze
The Boy – Jonathan Rousselle
Mandragora – Ana Gabitsinashvili
Colchicum – Lasha Mdzinarashvili
Moly – Koré Vacui
Lilium – Ana Lortkipanidze
Circaea Lutetiana – Sesili Davitadze
Video/Editing: Saba Shengelia, David Nadaraia
Music: Natalia Basilaia, Liza Basilaia
Animation: Tata Managadze
Costume concept author and design: Maka Kiladze
Costume production: Lilu Ghoniashvili, Lela Khabeishvili
Photographer: Salome Jishkariani
Publication designer: Giorgi Tavshavadze
The project is produced by “Circe-Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre” and Goethe-Institut Georgien.
The Project is supported by the Women’s Fund in Georgia, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and Creative Georgia.