Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre presents:

Film screening: Confederitis

by Robert Spees and Jillian McManemin

Confederitis is an experimental feature length film by multimedia artist Rbt. Sps. and performance artist and writer, Jillian McManemin. Shot on multiple film and video formats (16mm, Super 8mm, VHS, Betamax, HD, etc), Confederitis blends film genre in a portrait of the United States south. As both film and language break down, a brother and sister’s southern way of life begins to unravel when confronted by two puppet-like strangers who aspire to form a queer love cult and distort the Confederate flag with art. As Phocian and Faith (performed by Sps. & McManemin) try to queer the haunted landscape, their child-like impulses, however revolutionarily impotent, result in a slapstick portrayal of freedom as new cinematic aesthetics are explored.

Screening is funded in part by Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Date: 17 January
Hour: 20:00
Address: 7, Chovelidze str.
Lolita, 3rd floor

Entrance is free.