Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre presents:

Consent & Morphic Resonance


In 1987, feminist musicologist Susan McClary likened Beethoven’s music, and in particular his 9th Symphony, to an act of rape. This dance proposes a counter-argument.


Choreography/Performance: Megan Bridge

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata No. 32, Op. 111, 2. Arietta, performed by Charles Rosen.

Dramaturgy: Peter Price

Morphic Resonance

Morphic Resonance is a flexible-length, improvised duet by <fidget> co-directors, dancer/choreographer Megan Bridge and musician/composer Peter Price. In this research-based performance project, a solo dancing body is set into resonance with the sound and space that surround it. Price creates ambient, droning electronic soundscapes, punctuated by percussive loops. Bridge builds movement worlds like architectures that are both kinaesthetically expansive and minutely precise. Each new performance situation is approached as a frame that re-orients and gives new definition to the work.


Choreography/Performer: Megan Bridge
Music and Video Designer: Peter Price



Date: 24 May, 2019

Hour: 20:00

Address: Garden Hall, Rooms Hotel

14, Merab Kostava street


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