Choreography and performance: Irad Avni


There is nothing in this world but myself.

Everything lies beneath me. I fulfill light and beauty. I have a rich

inner world. I am love and perfection.

Only my reflection exists, I reflect myself reflecting through myself reflecting myself. I am a protected flower.

You might feel clean and free of psychology but at the same time also dead in some sense.

When you visit life you envy her, her totality. You will always have lack of totality I promise that your reflection will not bring death upon you but a peek into your innermost layers, the hidden sides that emerge and erupt every so often;

Give up on creating attempts to uphold your persona.

Don’t show everything at once, leave some room for curiosity.

But you, you are not exactly a classic Narcissus.

I hope that when you leave, you will love yourself and let go, you will be complete.


NARKIS won “best performance” prize at  Solocoreografico – Solo Dance competition in Frankfurt 

Costume design and artistic advising: rosello shmaria

Original lighting design:eyal daniel


Irad Avni’s biography:

Irad Avni is an Israeli dancer and choreographer.

Irad was the recipient of a three-year scholarship for gifted dancers of BatSheva Dance Company from 2015-to 2018.

As a dancer, he participated in several independent projects Such as Niv Seinfeld and Oren Laor, and danced in the Kolben Dance Company during the 2018-2019 season and Jerusalem Dance Theater from 2019-2020. Currently, Irad is dancing with Fresco Dance Company in Tel Aviv.

Irad went on to create JUST DANCE in 2018 and  WE / OUI in 2019

which performed in venues in Israel and Europe as well. He created video dances such as HABATUL and more.  

His solo, “NARKIS”, was created as part of the 2019 Smilanski Festival and performed all over Israel. It was also accepted into the international choreography competition of Machol Shalem, Jerusalem, and solocoreografico in Frankfort and won at “best performance award”

In October 2021, irad created “K FOR HUMANITY” an experimental womb that premiered at CCA the center of contemporary art in tel Aviv .  

Finally, Irad works in theater and television (as an actor), artistic director of “BRIA” platform for young choreographers collaborating with “MASH” dance house and “OPUS 1” in Slovenia and currently works as a choreographer in Tel Aviv.